Monday, September 1, 2008

No. 9 ~Katie Perry~

"As catchy as syphilis!"

Throwing humanity back to the third grade, a time of flaccid insults, meaningless kisses, and an inability to express ourselves that was still cute.
If you want a hot vocal recap of a young twenty-something's day then Katie Perry is your girl. Don't despair however, any ambiguity her lyrics might be lacking her sexuality fills in for. Why it's true that the lyrical talent of young Perry is uninspired it needs to be acknowledged that her voice is impossible to escape and a delight to have drifting around. For that true hit to dance to in your underwear try Katie Perry's "I kissed a girl", you'll like it. As for any of her other songs, including but not limited too "You're so gay, and you don't even like boys", I'd advise you not to expect genius, in fact don't even expect talent. Expect Katie tasteless insults and lackluster lyrics.

Still, thanks to the most expressive and compelling acting I have ever seen from a Barbie and an undeniable appeal to the siren-esc qualities of Katie's voice I award 9th place to our girl from the back of class.


"I kissed a girl"

"You're so gay"

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