Friday, September 12, 2008

No. 6 ~ Taylor Swift ~

"The reason for witness protection."


What do you call a teenie-booper who attaches herself impulsivly to attractrive young men and then destroys them with her power to propell pop propoganda proclomations of distain to the top ten charts?


Taylor Swift.
Yes, coming to a highschool near you Taylor Swift, the Pop icon with an indicative last name, has at least 12 hot new songs. Of which 12 are about week long failed relationships in highschool. So lets do the math:
12 / 12 - (the emotional rationality of someone who's had their driver's licence for more than a year) + supreme power {over} a new record deal... carry the emotional angst of a succubus =
A Platnium Abum
Taylor Swift gets No. 6. Not because I like her. Because she scares me.
Bravo Taylor, you sugar happy lump of eye candy, you have accomplished the unthinkable. You have put the fear of God in me unlike any woman since Siri.
"Tim McGraw"

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